Saylorsburg, PA – in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains
1 ½ hours from New York City and 1 ½ hours from Philadelphia
45 minutes from Allentown and Scranton

If you are looking for a gorgeous, intimate outdoor ceremony site, Harmony Gardens may be perfect for you. Harmony Gardens is unique and provides a very special environment for your ceremony.

If your wedding party is smaller, most resorts may not be a good fit. Or if it's just the two-of-you, you still deserve a charming setting for this important milestone in your life. 

From 2 to 50 people, Harmony Gardens can accommodate you beautifully.

The gardens consist of three grass circles, each surrounded by shrubs and flowers and connected by pathways. Three is symbolic representing wholeness, unity, perfection, and inclusion; and circles are a part of all human cultures and traditions. There is a lovely water feature as well.

The main circle holds up to 50 chairs and features a large white arbor over the altar rock.

Whether you are having a reception or party at home, hall or restaurant, or simply going out for a meal to celebrate, you may be having difficulty finding the right location for your ceremony. Perhaps you plan a bigger event later.


Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to find a beautiful outdoor ceremony spot. This is why we created Harmony Gardens. 

We have...

  • Two restrooms (handicap accessible) and an air-conditioned lounge directly across from the ceremony site
  • Electricity at site, and convenient parking.
  • A rain plan – your ceremony will be on our veranda, which will be set up appropriately
  • Eco-friendly (chemicals never used in our gardens, we're organic all the way… recycling and reusable approach is encouraged)
  • Pet friendly, too! Let's talk about that.

Please contact us for exact driving directions - DO NOT RELY ON GPS